Resort Hotel Management

We can undertake the day-to-day operation with a hands-on approach that seeks out and utilizes all available resources to maximize investment returns, taking the burden of daily management out of the owner’s hands.

Great attention will be given to implementing new and winning sales and marketing strategies, including those that instil guest loyalty and capitalize on media and public relations, to set the resort apart from the crowd.

We will ensure service standards are excellent and consistent in each department through ongoing training and re-training. Timely and accurate reports will be generated to facilitate strategic decision-making. At all times, we work to ensure that the property operates in a safe environment and that the asset investment is safeguarded.

Our experience in this field is extensive, including the management of properties that, when under our management, were award-winning entities.

  • Winning business plans and marketing programs
  • Comprehensive sales and public relations strategies
  • Effective day to day management
  • Profit-enhancing financial management
  • Timely and accurate performance report for owners
  • Property and asset management
  • Staff development and on-going training
  • Continual enhancement of operational efficiency
  • Continual improvement on guest services delivery
  • Ongoing new ideas to drive profits

Holiday Rentals and Property Management

For resort communities with holiday rentals we can provide a full spectrum of property management services to the strata owners, with optional marketing, reservation and hosting services. We have extensive experience in marketing holiday rentals through WordPress websites and OTA channels including, TripAdvisor, Airbnb and the HomeAway list of networks, as well as through social media and database marketing.

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