Overview of Services

ShorelineWe offer hospitality management and business advisory services to owners, financiers, and developers of resort hotels.

Our services consist of management and consulting, including asset management, cash flow enhancement through improved operational efficiency, and new project development.

We are resort hotel specialists who have extensive experience in high-end luxury resorts, having consulted as well as opened and operated a wide variety of hospitality properties as team leaders and managers; these have included large residential resort villages with golf courses, small boutique resorts, island resorts, remote destination resorts, resort complexes with luxury villas or condominiums with vacation rentals and property management components, both for leading international hotel chains as well as for independent owners and investors. We are familiar with many different ownership structures including strata and fractional ownership models.

What stands us out from the crowd is our experience as industry pioneers in more than a dozen countries across 5 continents, mainly in challenging or isolated destinations that require a unique set of skills and expertise to fully maximize the property’s potential.

Resort Hotel Management

We are not a traditional management company, what we offer is management-couple services that incorporate our personal on-site management presence. We utilize our vast knowledge and expertise in actively managing the day to day operations with a hands-on approach.

For new resort hotels, our services would commence from pre­-opening general management. During the pre-opening period we formulate and implement the opening countdown program, leading the management team into soft-opening stages and then onto full operation mode. Our experience in this field has evolved from nine previous development or pre-opening projects.

Hospitality Consulting

As your consultants or business advisers we can undertake a wide variety of short-term assignments and tailor-make our services to suit your needs; these may involve identifying and resolving problems, providing feedback, advice, training or performance audit, and may cover any hotel business aspects from concepts to pricing to marketing communications.

Resort Hotel Asset Management

Our services bridge the gap between the owner and the management, providing oversight of operations and physical assets. Our aim is to achieve substantial and sustainable improvement in cash flow and capitalize on opportunities to add real estate value. Our ability to get to the core of the issues through an intense listening process and knowledgeable discussions enable us to package a cost-effective and tailor-made solution for each unique circumstance and property.

Having determined the owner’s objectives and assuming the asset has been purchased, we will provide a plan that unlocks value while monitoring operating performance, a plan that suits the investment’s unique objectives, possibly geared towards a successful asset sale and exit.

Cash flow Enhancement

We work with the stakeholders and the management team in implementing an improvement program in resort services levels, standards, concepts and business strategies.

We evaluate present performance and analyse what is being done well and what needs to be improved, be it a long term business relationship providing ongoing management, or a one-off review and advice for the best way forward, our services can be tailor-made to meet your requirements.

Project Development

We can advise you on how to avoid the pitfalls that have caused other resort projects to fall short of fulfilling their full potential, while maximizing future ROI for your resort project.

At the initial stage, we can help define the business concepts, conduct a market and feasibility study, input on all design aspects, provide a road map and the initial business plan for the way forward.

For the pre-opening period we can formulate the opening program, guide the resort into full operation, either as an adviser on a short-term consulting basis, or as the appointed management couple on a longer-term contract.