Project Development

Resort hotel development and pre-opening management services

For resort developers, investors and owners seeking hotel development expertise, we provide a range of services which can be tailor-made to suit the needs of any resort hotel project. The following outlines the processes wherein our services can be customized, focusing on areas where we can make a solid cost-effective contribution.

  • Project definition, initial design and project concepts
  • Market and feasibility study
  • Resort positioning, final concepts and architectural space planning
  • Planning of structures, interior, landscape and graphics
  • Business, marketing and sales plan
  • Pre-opening management, support or actual

Project definition, initial design and conceptual plans   

The ‘vision’ thing, but one that is not a dream a developer may have that will just not fit into a budget that makes sense. We will do a reality check on the unique concept that is affordable, one that would really work in that market, that is, to generate profits.

  • Working with the chosen architects to brainstorm on the concepts in all components of an envisioned project
  • Once these initial concepts have been defined and refined, produce a schematic design with the architect, minimizing unneeded space in both back of house and guest areas
  • While architectural input is vital at this stage to ensure design concepts will work, eliminating potential problems down the road, equally essential are a hotelier’s insights on how space works in the real world of resort operations
  • Minimizing construction costs is a critical component of our services to make a project viable

Market and feasibility study

  • A base line market study and a detailed financial report covering the complete costs to open, and a 10-year ROI analysis to determine whether the concept and plan to-date will be financially feasible
  • Should you develop? Are the basic ingredients and ROI based on a traditional financing model viable?
  • Use the feasibility report to ascertain viability and as a basis for an added specialist report with which financing can be obtained

Final concepts, architectural space planning, planning of structures, interior, landscape and graphics

  • Assist the Architect and Interior Designer of the project in creating cost-effective, user-friendly use of space in all guest related and service support areas. The result? Maximizing cash flow in operations, minimizing development costs, maximizing ROI
  • Creative use of space, especially for all guest areas that stand out from the crowd. One that positions a resort on the global stage
  • In each room or suite, show kitchen, food and beverage outlet, lounge and more, each square meter of public (and staff use) space needs a hotelier’s eye for detail

Business, marketing and sales plan

Conceptualize, formulate and create the business plan for going forward that will guide the property from pre-opening operations into mature operation mode, setting it apart from the competitions.

Pre-opening management, support or actual

For the period prior to opening for business, the pre-opening countdown stages involve a tremendous amount of planning, implementation and management revolving around the following aspects:

  • Recruitment, education and training
  • Sales, marketing and public relations
  • Management structure
  • Inspections and approvals
  • Furniture, fixture and equipment, choice and procurement
  • Purchasing and storage
  • Operating supplies and consumables
  • Budgets and cash flow
  • Finance and accounting
  • Safety and security
  • Concepts, standards, performance
  • Community relations

Our knowledge and experience from 9 previous pre-opening and development projects will ensure that the pre-opening processes are realized smoothly and cost-efficiently; we have the adaptability to overcome potential obstacles, delays or unforeseen circumstances related to the project development process. More importantly, we know what it takes to establish a new hotel on the world stage and make it stand out from the competition.

No matter where your project is along the development timeline and processes as outlined above, we can adapt our approach to meet your needs. Contact us today to discuss your unique requirements.

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